I-MANIFEST Studio at Biennale of Sydney: The Art of Storytelling

As part of the Biennale of Sydney, I-Manifest hosted a series of workshops for high school students to help guide them to a realistic future in the creative industries by unlocking their creativity and passion.

Anchored on the Biennale theme of "the future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed", across two days the students created an immersive art piece... their beautiful new world... fusing installation, paper art, sound, lighting, illustration and photography.

I-Manifest is an incredible charity that uses creativity to empower youth to find their passion and live their purpose and provides pathways for them to pursue a real, sustainable career in the creative industries. Find more here: http://www.i-manifest.org/

Thanks to Jo and Laura from i-Manifest for organising such an inspiring three days.

Emma SharleyComment