AMI BLOG | Innovate or someone else will do it for you

Filtered Media’s Senior Content Director, Jeanne-Vida Douglas, echoed his sentiments on a recent episode of The CMO Show podcast with Emma Sharley, a brand marketing expert.

“If we look back 85 years ago when brand was effectively invented by Neil McElroy, he spoke about the importance of understanding where you are in the market and understanding what the customer wants, and what the customer is looking for,” Douglas explained.

Sharley agreed, noting customer-centricity remains a priority for marketers to this day: “To have that insight almost 90 years ago is quite incredible, because obviously, that’s such a priority for business today – looking at what the customer wants and then delivering them that.”

AMI’s Tonitto agrees, noting the fundamental principles of marketing remain unchanged. “Marketing activity will always be the same in terms of meeting unmet customer needs,” she says. “It is how marketing is executed that has changed enormously.”

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